How will my courses transfer to Samford?

Please use the drop down menu to the right to look up your former school and see how your credits will transfer to Samford. Please keep in mind that if there are courses that you have taken that are not in our database they will still be reviewed for credit transfer once you have been admitted to the University.

Please note that this is an unofficial evaluation and is provided as a convenience for prospective students. This document is our best estimate of how these courses will be transferred, but this should not be considered a guarantee of transfer credit awards. Course equivalencies will be officially evaluated when you apply for admission; course equivalencies may change at any time without notice.

It is common practice that University transfer credit hour values are based on the credit hour value assigned by the originating institution and the appropriate conversion is made to yield semester credit hours. Samford University follows a semester calendar. Quarter credits from other U.S. institutions are usually converted to semester credits by multiplying the number of quarter credits by 2/3. For example, 30 quarter credits equal 20 semester credits.

Course equivalencies are always under development and review. If you have taken courses for which Samford University has no equivalent course defined, Samford will evaluate the courses when we receive your admissions applications and official transcript. If you have any questions regarding your transfer course evaluation, please contact the Office of Student Records at 205.726.2911.

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