Responsible Printing Initiative

In January 2010, Samford University implemented a Responsible Printing Initiative. Clearly, the ideal is to “go green” and rely on electronic communication and data retention. When print is required, the intent is be better manage our resources. New processes and systems have been implemented to better manage printing in computer labs.

Accounting is individual to each student, based on “print points.” At the beginning of each term, each student had been given an allocation for printing that equates to 500 pages, black and white, simplex (single-side) in an individual account. As printing takes place, the student will see current information of remaining allocation and total used for the term. Should a student exceed their allocation, a means is available to increase the allocation. Egregious use of printing will result in direct communication with the student to determine the cause and discuss alternatives.

When the choice to print is selected, a panel requiring ID/password entry is presented. This is the same ID/password used for all Samford systems such as email, Banner Self-Service, Blackboard, etc. Upon login, a panel is presented with brief account information, assessment to print the selected data, and designated printer to be used. The student can proceed or cancel printing at will.

The expected result is immediate reduction in the volume of printing in computer labs. The reductions should come from elimination of printing by unauthorized persons, and from decreased printing by students. Student reductions will likely come from awareness of actual use that will lead to reduction in waste.

As a result of the Responsible Printing Initiative, overall student printing decreased over 30%, or over 1,000,000 pages. The charge function of the print management software was not implemented because we wanted to determine if the reduction in printing would be permanent. In 2011 and 2012, student printing increased, and it has now surpassed the volume seen prior to the January 2010 announcement.

Therefore, the University will implement the student charge feature of the print management system beginning July 7, 2013. This system will not impact employee printing. Student print management quotas of 500 pages per period will follow two 6 month periods (July 7 through December 31, and January 1 through July 6). Printing that occurs beyond the 500 page quota will be charged to the student’s account at the rate of $0.10 per page for black & white, and $0.25 per page for color. In a review of other private universities, Samford’s printing quota allotment is higher than that of our peers.

Students are encouraged to utilize their Google Drive ( for document storage. The Google Drive service enables up to 7GB of free storage. Computers in the University computer labs will have links on each desktop that will help students connect to their Google Drive to retrieve, upload, and manage their electronic files. The Google Drive is available both on and off-campus.

Students may contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 726-2662 or if they have any questions concerning their quota, the print management process, or the Google Drive service.

David Hakanson
Chief Information Officer