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April 3, 2014


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iTunes University

Samford has partnered with Apple, Inc.'s iTunes University, a new initiative to host and deliver multimedia educational material using the iTunes Store interface. Through this program, faculty and staff may upload audio, video and PDF files directly to the iTunes U server, where they will be available for viewing and subscribing by either class members or the general public. Samford faculty and staff may request a new iTunes U course by using the online form below; courses are not automatically created, but must be manually generated upon request.


Please note: According to the Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law, the use of certain copyrighted materials may be permissible in an educational setting when access to those materials is restricted to students who are enrolled in a particular class, and only during the semester or academic period during which that class is taught. In such situations, we recommend that faculty use Blackboard, Samford's online course management system, to deliver these materials. Blackboard is automatically populated with realtime student enrollment data, making it easier to comply with copyright and fair use restrictions.


If for some reason you need to place copyrighted material on the iTunes U site, and must therefore restrict access to students enrolled in your class only, please indicate so in the appropriate space on the form below. We must manually configure student access privileges, so there may be a delay in processing your course creation request. "Public" courses are normally processed within two business days.


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