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April 3, 2014


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The TLC staff are available to discuss faculty teaching goals and assist in developing plans to achieve these goals via the use of appropriate technology. Consultation on specific activities, such as creating electronic portfolios or online surveys, is also available.


Media Digitization

The TLC provides the hardware and software to digitize media from a wide variety of sources including text, photographs, slides, video and audio. While we do not have sufficient staff and resources to offer "drop-off" service, we can train faculty, staff, and student workers who may have the time to work on higher volume projects.


Content Development

We can work with you on assembling and editing technological teaching materials such as audio and video recordings, PowerPoint presentations, and digital still images.


Interactive Media Distribution

Once content is developed, the TLC staff can assist faculty in distributing the content through the most effective media channels. Some options include the Internet, multimedia CD, DVD or classroom projection.


Loans & Classroom Support

The TLC maintains an equipment pool consisting of LCD projectors, notebook computers, digital cameras, and other technological equipment. These materials are available free of charge to faculty and staff members for classroom presentations and Samford-related travel. Equipment may normally be reserved for up to a week at a time.


Software Installation

The University maintains site licenses for several popular academic software titles, and some faculty and staff members choose to have these programs installed on their office computers. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment to have a technology specialist install one of these programs for you.


Optical Scanning of Tests and Surveys

The TLC is equipped with an Apperson Advantage 1200 Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanner for automated scoring of tests and surveys. The TLC staff can provide assistance in scanning optical mark sheets, which are available in the book store, and in designing test or survey forms.