I.  Large literature sites: multiple authors, genres, periods

Google Map of Litarary Oxford,  Click on a pin for links to authors   

Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature by Period,

The Literature Network,

“Literary Criticism” in the Internet Public Library, ("over 1,000 critical and biographical websites about authors and their works that can be browsed by author, by title, or by nationality and literary period")

Literary Resources on the Net,

Lit Links,

Classic Authors,

MIT Libraries guide to internet resources on English & American literature,

Intute: Arts & Humanities: English (UK, "closed" in 2011),   

Converse: the literature site for GCSE and A level English and beyond (UK),

Modern English Collection, UVa Electronic Text Center 

Early American Fiction Collection 1789-1875 (UVa),

American literature materials,

American Authors on the Web,

American Literature Archive (U. of Texas),

Cambridge History of English and American Literature, in 18 volumes, published 1907-1921,,

E-Notes on literature,

A Glossary of Literary Terms,

Today in Literature,

Catholic Authors,

The Writer's Almanac  (NPR)

LitQuotes ("quotations from the great works of literature")

"Great Books" sites
    The Great Books Foundation 
   Center for the Study of the Great Ideas  (founded by Mortimer Adler) (good links page)
    NY Times Book Review Reading Room ("conversations about great books")
    Great Books & Film (Fordham grad students of Mary Nichols, now at Baylor)
    National Great Books Curriculum (consortium of community colleges)
    Association for Core Texts & Courses 
    Great books discussion guides (Penguin)

Great Books programs (undergraduate & graduate)
    Wiliam Casement's list 
    St John's College 
    U of Notre Dame  
    U of Chicago 
    Baylor U 
    Mercer U 
    Faulkner U 
    U of Dallas 
    Pepperdine (its journal)
    Wilbur Wright College, Chicago
    Vancouver Island U (nee Malaspina), Canada -- related blog 

More large free text sites Great Books Online
    The Harvard Classics ("The most comprehensive and well-researched anthology of all time comprises both the 50-volume '5-foot shelf of books' and the the 20-volume Shelf of Fiction. Together they cover every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject through the twentieth century.")
    Project Gutenberg ("20,000 free ebooks")
    Electronic Text Center (UVa)
    Digital Texts Projects (Columbia U.)
    On-Line Literature Library
    On-Line Books Page ("over 25,000 free books") (U. of Penn.)  (Iowa State)
        books collection,
    ReadPrint ("your free online library")
    WikiSource ("an online library of free content")
    Electronic Classics (Penn State U.)
    Short Story Archive

    The Poetry Archive
    The Poetry Foundation (Academy of American Poets)
    Modern American Poetry (U. of Illinois)
    20th Century Poetry in English (Kobe U.)  (pop-up ads, alas)
    Poetry Archive,
    The Poetry Society  (UK)
    Representative Poetry Online  (U. of Toronto)
    British Poetry 1780-1910 (UVa)
    Sonnet Central
    The Art of Reading a Poem (according to Harold Bloom) (audiofile)

Audio Files (famous authors reading their work)
    Harper Collins

Nobel Prize in Literature,
Pulitzer Prizes,
National Book Awards,
PEN/Faulkner Award,

English Literature in Context (CUP),

The Paris Review interview archive,

92Y on 

II.  Sites devoted to specific periods or genres (in roughly chronological order)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library,

The Bible
    The Tyndale Society and blog
King James Bible Trust,
    BBC Radio 4 re KJV 400th anniversary,
    Begat: The KJV and the English Language,

English Literature and Religion (W. Peterson, emeritus at U. of Maryland, English dept.) 

Medieval Imaginations (Cambridge),
Online Medieval & Classical Library (UC Berkeley),

Luminarium Anthology of English Literature (medieval through Restoration),

The English Renaissance in Context (Penn),

Early Modern Literary Studies,
    Web resources (including blogs),

Eighteenth Century Resources,  including
    Eighteenth Century E-texts,

Eighteenth Century English Novel (Brooklyn College),

Cambridge History  of English & American Literature -- The Age of Johnson
    essays on Richardson, Fielding & Smollett, Sterne and the Novel of His Times,

Romantic Circles (U. of Maryland),

Original texts, Romanticism, 

Original texts, 19th Century Britain,  

American Transcendentalism,

The Victorian Web,
Victoria Research Web,
Victorian Studies,
Victorian Women Writers Project (Indiana U.),

The Literary Gothic,

Modernist Journals Project,

World War I Poetry website (Oxford U.),

The Modern Word,

Southern Literature,
Library of Southern Literature (before 1924),
Southern Literary Review,
Mississippi Writers Page (Ole Miss),
Center for the Study of Southern Culture (Ole Miss),
Center for the Study of the American South (UNC),

Punch magazine,

Pulp Fiction Central,

The Beat Generation Archives,
The Beat Page,
The Literature and Culture of the American 1950s (U. of Penn.),
The Beat Generation and the Sixties (U. of Adelaide),
Bohemian Ink,
Post-World War II American Literature and Culture Database (UC Berkeley),

Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (U. of Penn.) (many links),

PAL: Perspectives in American Literature (Cal State Stanislaus) (many links),

American Masters (PBS),

Postcolonial & Postimperial Literature in English,

The Northrop Frye Centre, and

Illuminations: The Critical Theory Website (“Frankfurt School” (Marxist)),

III.  Authors (alphabetical order)

Matthew Arnold,

W.H. Auden Society,  

Jane Austen Information Page,,
    Jane Austen Centre (UK),
    Jane Austen Society of North America,

Samuel Beckett Online Resources, 
    Summer School,    
    International Foundation,  
    At Reading,  

Beowulf (McMaster U.),

John Betjeman,

William Blake Archive,
    Digital text project,
    The complete poetry and prose,
    Online (Tate Gallery),

Jorge Luis Borges,
    Borges Center (U of Pittsburgh),
    1966 interview in The Paris Review,<>
Titles available online,

James Boswell
    On Boswell and Johnson,

Bronte Sisters Web,

Lord Byron,

Cervantes Project,

Geoffrey Chaucer page,
    Chaucer Metapage,
    Guide to online Chuacer resources,

Anton Chekhov,

G.K. Chesterton,  
    G.K. Chesterton Intstitute, Seton Hall U. (summer program in Oxford)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
    Friends of Coleridge,

Stephen Crane Society,

The Divine Comedy
the text:
study guides:  Princeton,
Columbia, &
Renaissance Dante in Print,
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

Robertson Davies,

Daniel Defoe,
    A Paradoxical Genius,

The Dickens Project (UC Santa Cruz),

Emily Dickinson Electronic Archive,
    International Society,

John Dos Passos,

Fyodor Dostoyevski,

Bob Dylan,

Umberto Eco,

T.S. Eliot website,
    What the Thunder Said,

Ralph Ellison,
    On Invisible Man,
    American Masters (PBS),

Ralph Waldo Emerson,
    Complete Works,

William Faulkner,
    Absalom, Absalom Interactive Chronology,
    Faux Faulkner and Imitation Hemingway contests (United Airlines)
    Faulkner at Virginia: An Audio Archive,

Henry Fielding,

F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary,

E.M. Forster,

Robert Frost,

Northrop Frye,   

Graham Greene,

Barry Hannah Society,

Nathaniel Hawthorne,

Ernest Hemingway Resource Center, and
    A Bad Hemingway Story,

the text:

William Dean Howells Society,

Samuel Johnson,
    Sound Bite Page,

James Joyce Centre,
    The Brazen Head,
    Summer School,

Franz Kafka,

John Keats,

Milan Kundera,

Philip Larkin Society, 
    Larkin 25,

C.S. Lewis Into the Wardrobe,

Sinclair Lewis

Gabriel Garcia Marquez,

The Life and Works of Herman Melville,
    Billy Budd (UVa),

H.L. Mencken,

John Milton reading room,
    Milton-L home page,
    Darkness Visible (Cambridge U),
    Paradise Lost Audiotexts,

Thomas More,

Nabokov Society,
    on LolitaJohn Derbyshire (2006), Frank Meyer (1958)

Flannery O’Connor Repository,  and

George Orwell,
    The Orwell Diaries,
    The Orwell Prize,
    Orwell Archive (UCL),

The Diary of Samuel Pepys,

Walker Percy links on my Lost in the Cosmos page

Edgar Allen Poe,
    Collected Works,
    Knowing Poe,

Alexander Pope, The Rape of the Lock Homepage,

Charles Portis,
    2003 essay about Portis
    2004 essay about Portis

Thomas Pynchon,
    Pynchon Wiki,
    San Narciso Communithy College
the San Jose Semphore 

Samuel Richardson,

Rosetti Archive,

Carl Sandberg,

William Shakespeare Complete Works,
    Shakespeare and the Internet,
    Shakespeare Resource Center,
    Shakespeare Online,
    Absolute Shakespeare,
    Internet Shakespeare Editions,
    Google Shakespeare
    Shakespeare Oxford Society (skeptics),
    Shakespeare Authorship Coalition (ditto),
    The Shakespeare Authorship Page (defenders),

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,

Percy Shelley,
    Complete Poetical Works,

Tobias Smollett,

Edmund Spenser Homepage,

The National Steinbeck Center,
    John Steinbeck: The California Novels,
    Center for Steinbeck Studies,

Laurence Sterne,

Wallace Stevens,

Tom Stoppard Travesties,

Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s Travels Homepage,

Thoreau Society,

James Thurber
    Thurber House,


Leo Tolstoy,

John Kennedy Toole 
    Ignatius' Ghost blog (Dunces Tour),  
    2012 biography,    
    The Omega Point, 2013 film,    

Mark Twain in his Times,
     Twain Quotes,
     Ken Burns/PBS program,

John Updike Society,  
    New York Times page,
    2008 Jefferson Lecture (NEH),

Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, 

Robert Penn Warren,

Evelyn Waugh,
    Doubting Hall,

Eudora Welty Society,
    Review (Ga State U),

Rebecca West Society,  

Edith Wharton Society,

Walt Whitman Archive,

Tennessee Williams,

P.G. Wodehouse Appreciation Page,

Tom Wolfe,
    2006 Jefferson Lecture (NEH),

Virginia Woolf Society,

William Wordsworth Trust,

William Butler Yeats Society,
    Yeats Society of NY,
    5 minute BBC interview, 1936,

IV.  Book reviews and other current commentary

    NY Times Book Review (once included first chapters of hundreds of books, now apparently no longer).
    Washington Post Book World
    Times Literary Supplement (UK)
    London Review of Books
    NY Review of Books
    The New Republic
    The Complete Review
    The New Criterion and its blog

    Arts & Letters Daily

    American Writers (C-SPAN)
    BookTV (C-SPAN2)
    Booknotes (C-SPAN)  800 non-fiction authors inteviewed 1989-2004
    Wired for Books (Ohio U.'s literary audio site)
    Commentary magazine's blog 

V.  General reference sites (“the single best source for facts”), (“the last word in words”),

Online Writing Lab (with MLA Style Guide) (Purdue U.),

Social Science Research Network,, has just added an "English & American Literature Research Network"

H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online,
    Includes dozens of “discussion networks,” listed at such as H-Southern-Lit, H-Women, etc.

Intute: Humanities (UK) ("closed" 2011)

The WWW Virtual Library,

Scholars' Guide to the WWW,, by Richard Jensen

Philosophy & Theology

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 

Dictionary of the History of Ideas (UVa),

Catholic Encyclopedia (1913),

WWW Virtual Library -- Philosophy,
    and Religion (currently offline)

Large links page (Mt. Mercy U.),

Bible Research,

Online Anglican Resources, 
Project Canterbury (several Anglican authors),  
Church in
The Hall of Church  
BBC Radio 4 Religion & Ethics, including the Daily Service    


Internet History Sourcebooks (Fordham U.),

The Labyrinth: Sources for Medieval Studies (Georgetown U.)  
The Orb: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies 

    BBC History homepage
    Simon Schama, A History of Britain (BBC)
    The History Channel (UK)
    British History resources on
    British History Online -- an amazing site
    British Library Online Gallery and "Treasures in Full"
    History tab of the Official Website of the British Monarchy
    Church of England history tab
    Anglican Timeline
    Bede's World
    Essential Norman Conquest
    Magna Carta
    War of the Roses
    Tudor England
            The English and Scottish Reformations
     British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate 1638-60
             Mark Kishlansky's lecture on Cromwell (video)
     Glorious Revolution of 1688 
     Britsh Pathe archive on YouTube (3500 hours of film) 

    American Memory (Library of Congress)
    A Timeline of American Thought  
    American Political History On-line (Richard Jensen, UIC)
    American Experience (PBS)
    The History Channel
    American Studies at UVa,  includes many “hypertexts”
    Center for History and New Media (George Mason U.),

Fun Stuff

Rome Reborn  
VRoma Project

Eyewitness to History

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary

Letters of Note  

92Y on Demand  

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