Event Planning

2015 Overnight Summer Camps and Conferences

Maintained by:
Office of Event Management & Space Utilization
800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL 35229
205-726-2107 (fax)

Overnight Summer Camp/Conference Information

General Information

General Information


Step 1: Submit online Event Request Form prior to December 2014 for Summer Camp in 2015.
Step 2: Submit Summer Camp/Conference Registration Form (This form is due as soon as possible and cannot be edited. Only submit once.)
Step 3: Submit Housing Assignments (These will be forwarded to you the first week of May 2015 and is due 2 weeks prior to camp start date.)

All summer camp reservations are required to be complete 2 weeks prior to the event start date.


Dining services are provided by Sodexo, Samford University's food services contractor. The Office of Event Management & Space Utilization (EMSU) will send your initial dining information to Sodexo upon this form submission. Once EMSU sends this information, all catering, dining, meal cards and billing communications will be directed to Brent Bolton, Sodexo Catering Manager, 205-726-2480 (jbolton2@samford.edu) or Trish Whitehead, at 205-726-2006 (twhitehe@samford.edu).
Cafeteria Estimated Meal Rates
  Internal* External
Breakfast $5.50 $7.00
Lunch $6.70 $8.00
Dinner $8.90 $9.50
*Index code information will be required for Internal guests. Catering rates and prices for boxed meals are separate from the above Cafeteria Meal rates. Please call Brent or Donna Lloyd (205-726-2979) directly to inquire about their catering services.


You will receive at least 2 invoices no later than 10 business days after your event end date:
  • From the EMSU office – This invoice will identify all charges other than dining services. For internal groups, a departmental funds transfer will be completed by the EMSU office no later than 10 days after invoice is issued. For external groups, your check is required to be received no later than 30 days after the invoice date.
  • From the Campus Dining office – For internal groups, please send your Campus Dining invoice to the Samford Accounting office with a completed Purchase Order number. For external groups, please send your check payable to Sodexo.


Upon form submission, your parking and signage requests will be sent to the Transportation Services office. All reserved parking, parking passes, signage and vehicle needs should be communicated with the Transportation Services office at 205-726-4146 or parking@samford.edu.


Your camp/conference Certificate of Insurance should be sent to the EMSU office. Once received, it is forwarded to the Office of Risk Management for approval. Please be sure that the certificate of insurance meets the following criteria: $1,000,000 liability insurance certificate, which includes Samford University as an additional insured and covers the time period the sponsor will use Samford University’s facilities.


Housing fees are $40 per room per night. All rooms prepared according to the 2 week housing assignment deadline will be included in the final invoice. University Space Fees – Summer Camps Conferences that do not maintain an index code to bill back for their event, will be charged for the use of space on campus.


Dorms contain 2 beds in each. Only 2 or less people are allowed to utilize dorm space over night. Linens are not provided. Questions regarding dorm use and assignments will need to be directed to the Residence Life office at 205-726-2596 or reslife@samford.edu.


Each camper and/or staff listed on the residence hall assignment sheet, will be issued 2 keys for external doors and internal rooms of their assigned building. The fee for each key not returned at the assigned check-out is $50.00 for each internal key and $100.00 for each external key. Keys must be returned in the same fashion that they were issued, paired internal & external room keys, in key holders with Building Name, Room Number and Camper Name. Keys cannot be combined for any reason. There is a $500 fine for all keys bundled and/or not individually labeled when returned to the assigned check-out location. This fee is in addition to the cost of missing keys not returned at that time.


During your campus stay, summer conferences and camps are responsible for any damage done to, and/or loss of, University property belonging to your assigned residences and all spaces. If damage is found during your program’s stay or during the final walk-through of your residence(s) performed immediately after your program’s departure by our Summer Staff, you will be notified immediately and your program will be charged accordingly. If you witness damage during your program’s stay, it is best to report this immediately to the Residence Life contact for your group or the Event Management office.


Please request your Wifi Password through the EMSU office at events@samford.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any laundry facilities on campus? Are the facilities free? Do I need to bring my own detergent?

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. The laundry facilities are free, but campers must bring their own detergent.

Are there any kitchen areas available for use in the residence halls?

Kitchens are available in most residence halls, but you must bring your own supplies. Not all residence halls have refrigerators.

What should I do if I have a maintenance issue in my residence hall?

Please contact your camp leadership to report the problem and make them aware. Camp and Conference Leadership are asked to contact the HUB at 205-726-2407 for further assistance.

Are there any restrictions in regards to placement or areas in which we can place camp signs?

The University provides all signage for summer camps and conferences. The total cost for the required sign services is $25.00 and includes setup in all assigned locations for your event, including the entrances to both gates, directional signs to the buildings, and parking. Unauthorized signage will be removed immediately. The fee for signage will be included on the final invoice.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

  • If you have a medical emergency, please contact 911.
  • If you need a room assigned to your camp unlocked, please call 205-726-2030. If the room has not been assigned to you, contact Event Management.
  • If you have an immediate need regarding camp space, other than residence hall space, please contact the Event Management office at 205-726-2762 or events@samford.edu.

Where can campers/visitors park on campus?

Visitors to campus are allowed to park in most spaces without penalty, except for marked accessibility spaces and fire lanes. Additionally, with summer classes in session, please do not park in the white Faculty/Staff designated spaces on campus. Please contact Transportation Services with any parking questions or concerns at 205-726-4146.

How do I pay my summer camp/conference invoice?

  • Invoices for camp/conference events will be sent upon completion of the event from the Office of Event Management & Space Utilization.
  • Invoices for dining meals and catering will be sent from the Campus Dining office.
  • Internal groups will pay for the event with a Samford Departmental Funds Transfer. An index code must be provided before the event occurs. 10 days after the final invoice is submitted from the Office of Event Management, a DFT will be forwarded to the Accounting office in Samford Hall. Please contact EMSU at 205-726-2762 with questions or concerns before transfer is submitted.
  • External groups must pay by a check made out to Samford University to the following address:
    Samford University
    ATTN: Event Management & Space Utilization
    800 Lakeshore Drive
    Birmingham, AL 35229

Is a Certificate of Insurance required?

Yes, the COI is required for all camps / conferences working with external groups, organizations, or entities coming to campus. Academic departments hosting students supplementing their academic program do not require a COI as they are covered by University insurance.


Please click HERE to download the Facility Use Agreement Form. Return this form with original signature to the EMSU office, no later than Thursday, May 1, 2015. Please also include a current certificate of insurance.